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His Left Hand - Left of Eden
LEFT OF EDEN -- A brand spanking new piece...
ARIADNE'S THREAD -- This is a remixed and remastered version of a piece I had up a bit earlier, Into the Labyrinth...
LOVE & ENTROPY -- In 1897, Emil Bartholomew scandalized fin de siecle Paris with a tractate entitled "Love and Entropy." While I don't have any desire to defend M. Bartholomew's heretical opinions, I wanted to try to apply some of his theories to music. In thinking about it, I do suppose that the universe can, in fact, be said to be composed of Love and Entropy as its primary, most elemental core. Hence, the title of this new piece...
MOON OVER TULUM -- The sea, the wind and the full moon rising through mist and diffuse cloud bless two lovers alone on a pristine beach. This is a glistening new remix/remaster of an earlier version. For LM...
DRUNKEN BOAT (Le Bateau Ivre) -- As I was floating down unconcerned Rivers I no longer felt myself steered by the haulers Derangement of the senses, baby, with a neo-Bo Diddly beat, this is a remixed/remastered version of a piece that I constructed from a sample pack at the 411 site. Most of the samples have been manipulated and transformed into entirely unrecognizable form. Many thanks to the sampling stalwarts that provided the sampled grist for the mill, so to speak...
HOLD ON -- This is a reworked/remastered version of a piece that is constructed almost entirely from the sermon of a radio preacher from 1927. I believe his name was William Ransom. I heard the sermon and was knocked out by the power, rhythm and spirit of this remarkable preacher. Almost every sound in the piece has, at its source, the preacher's voice. In a way, the manipulated voice forms an orchestral backing to his spoken words. The piece is thus built from myriads of seconds-long manipulated samples. The piece is lovingly dedicated to the memory of James Eder, a remarkable being and a long-time friend that I did not know nearly well-enough.
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His Left Hand - Ariadne's Thread - 5:11  0.00
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His Left Hand - Drunken Boat - 4:23  0.00
His Left Hand - Hold On - 10:35  0.76 Buy this Song !
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