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His Left Hand - Bardo Songs

MOVIE -- The Wisdom of the Ages. This is one of my earlier pieces. It has been resurrected, buffed, edited, remixed/remastered. I've never released it prior to the EPs.
SKYDANCER -- Beat-filled exploration of form/no form. The download version is an extended scouting mission into distant aural realms.
ARISE/DISSOLVE -- Creation and dissolution. Ambient and melodic. This is an older piece that has been remixed and remastered.
MERKABAH -- The Jewish mystic school that uses contemplation of the Sublime Throne to ascend to exalted states of consciousness. Ezekial's visions are an example. This is a remixed/remastered version of the piece previously called Hekaloth... 2012 - 2012 is the year the long calender of the Mayan comes to an end. Essentially the end of an immense chronological cycle, the end of time, or at least this go-round. Highly ambient, a bit scary but not without majesty and stately beauty.
POINT OF DEPARTURE -- Bon Voyage! So many different places to leave from. So many different ways to do so.
PRAJNAPARAMITA BLUES -- Dedicated to the cessation of suffering and liberation of all beings in all the realms. This ambient piece is a remixed/remastered version of an earlier release.

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His Left Hand - Movie - 2:48  0.00
His Left Hand - Skydancer - 9:23  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Arise/Disolve - 6:55  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Merkabah - 6:50  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - 2012 - 7:01  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Point of Departure - 3:34  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Prajnaparamita Blues - 10:25  0.00
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