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His Left Hand - Postcard From A Mirage

STRING THEORY -- This new piece celebrates quantum joys and strives to glimpse into other braines.
ELIPSIS -- This new piece has a myriad of meanings for me. From the sacred to the utmost profane and back again. What can I say?
BLUE MONKS -- A piece based, in part, on a sample pack provided by Mystified. Ambient atmospherics.
PERCUSSUS -- A new piece that celebrates all the different ways there are to divide a moment. Primarily constructed from rhythmic elements.
CONIUNCTIO -- Joaquin de Flamel, the Comte de Braunschweiger, was a somewhat infamous 17th century alchemist, now almost entirely forgotten, who wrote extensively on the exploration of the interpentration of alchemical arcanities and modal scales. (The vocal samples have been taken from Les Productions Zvon's remarkable sample-sets of Julie Hamelin. Almost all music in the entire last three or four minutes is constructed solely from Julie's voice.
PRAYER -- This piece was originally written on the eve of very dire surgery for a critically ill individual. I am happy to say that the individual made it through and is flourishing. This came out as a spontonaeous outpouring. May the listener find a source of strength and peace.

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His Left Hand - String Theory - 8:28  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Elipsis (Weave Mix) - 12:34  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Blue Monks - 2:50  0.00
His Left Hand - Percussus - 5:19  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Coniunctio - 9:47  0.76 Buy this Song !
His Left Hand - Prayer - 4:44  0.76 Buy this Song !
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